Potato seedlings “Adretta”

Characteristics of this variety:

  • starchy
  • second early
  • 35-55 mm

Attention: Seed potatoes can only be sold within the EU, excl. Ireland. Each package contains 10 pieces.

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Potato seedlings "Adretta"


“Adretta” is a delicious potato with both yellow skin and yellow flesh, which was bred back in the 70s. As regards its taste, it is characterized by the unique and strong flavor. The tubers grow in an oval, rather round shape, are starchy and have flat eyes. The potatoes develop very quickly and due to their disease resistance, the harvest is always rich. “Adretta” can also be stored easily.

They are perfect for dumplings, puree or boiled potatoes.

You are asking yourself what first early, second early and maincrop means?
Then have a look at the video at the end of this page.

In the table down below you can find further potato seedling varieties of our range.

color characteristic size
Adretta yellow starchy | second early 35-55mm
Birgit red skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | first early 35-55 mm
Blaue St. Galler blue/purple all-purpose | second early 35-55 mm
Blue Belle yellow/purple skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | second early 35-55 mm
Estima yellow waxy | second early 35-50 mm
King Edward pink/yellow skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | maincrop 30-50 mm
Linda yellow waxy | second early 30-55 mm
Nemo red/yellow skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | second early 35-50 mm
Zoe red starchy | second early 35-45 mm