Mediterranean herbs seed-mix

If you want to get a Mediterranean feeling at home, we have the perfect seed-mix for you:

  • Majoram
  • Oregano
  • Thyme

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Mediterranean herbs


They are characteristic ingredients for dishes and drinks in Greece, Italy, Spain, southern France, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco. Herbs from the Mediterranean have become indispensable in our kitchen and are usually available anywhere in dried form. Nonetheless – these herbs are even more aromatic when they are fresh, and not dried. You can also easily plant them yourself in your garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. Important: the soil should be permeable and rather sandy when growing these varieties.

Marjoram is suitable for growing on the windowsill as well as outdoors and is perfect as an herb for all meat dishes, soups and vegetarian spreads. This herb germinates after a few days and can be harvested continuously. To dry it, it is best to harvest it completely just before its full bloom in August.

The typical spice used for pizza, oregano, can be grown and harvested both indoors and outdoors. The young shoots can be used fresh or dried to flavor a wide variety of tomato dishes, sauces or omelets. The aroma is the most intense during the blooming period, so this is the very best time for harvesting.

The flat-growing thyme is a very versatile herb. In terms of taste, this herb goes well with many different dishes: from meat and vegetables to soothing teas and sweet desserts in combination with honey. Even in colder regions, thyme can easily survive the winter with the appropriate frost protection.

sowing depth germination harvest
Majoram Light germinator – do not cover seeds with soil 6 - 10 days continuously until full bloom
Oregano Light germinator – do not cover seeds with soil 6 - 10 days continuously until Autumn
Thymian 0,5 cm 14 - 25 days continuously until full bloom


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