Early lettuce seed-mix

Our seed-mix for early lettuce growing consists of these cold-resistant varieties:

  • Pick lettuce (Lollo Bionda & Rossa)
  • Rocket (Rucola)
  • Leaf lettuce (Gelber Krauser)

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Early lettuce

You cannot wait for the gardening season to begin? Then this seed-mix is just the thing for you. These three varieties require only a low temperature of germination and are resistant against cold. This way you can start already sowing these varieties in February. After just a few weeks you can enjoy your first home-grown lettuce in spring.

Pick lettuce
(Lollo bionda & Rossa) is a pretty and crunchy salad that has curled leaves. These types of salad spice up every salad, wrap or similar dish not only in terms of taste, but also visually.

Rocket (better known as Rucola) grows fast is very easy to handle, because it does not need much care. The typical nutty and spicy taste is an enrichment for every lettuce assortment.

Leaf Lettuce (Gelber Krauser) is an early, very fast-growing lettuce. Due to its low germination temperature it is perfectly adapted for sowing outdoors from February.

sowing depth germination harvesting
Pick Lettuce (Lollo Bionda & Rossa) 0,5 cm 6-15 days approx. 4 - 6 weeks after sowing
Rocket (Rucola) 0,2 cm 6-15 days approx. 3 - 5 weeks after sowing
Leaf lettuce (Gelber Krauser) 0,2 cm 6-14 days approx. 6 weeks after sowing


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