A great selection of chili varieties, to grow your own chili plants:

  • Chili de Cayenne
  • Jalapeño M
  • Habanero Mix

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Growing your own chilis out of seeds

With our CHARLY CHILI seed mix - ranging from mild to fiery hot, you can grow three different chili varieties for everyone's taste. Each of these varieties produces beautiful fruits, which are extremely aromatic. This colorful mix is definitely the right choice:

The fruits of the variety Chili de Cayenne, which ripen from green to red, reach a maximum size of 12cm. They impress not only with their heat level of 6, but also with a distinct spiciness including a fine, slightly smoky taste. That's why they are very popular in the Mexican and Asian cuisine.

The typical, widely known peppers for pizza and one of the best-selling Jalapeño varieties is Jalapeño M. The dark green chilies get bright red during ripening and reach a size between 8-10cm. Due to their heat level of 3, their spiciness is very mild. They are pretty versatile in the cuisine, but for sure they taste best on your favorite pizza.

Habanero Mix is a colorful compound of yellow, red and orange fruits, which only get a size of 5cm. But watch out! At an incredible 500.000 scoville heat units, this chili belongs to the hottest varieties all over the world. It tastes perfectly in sauces, fish dishes but also dried and inserted to homemade chili-oil.

To create the perfect climate and get strong, resistent plants, we recommend to grow your seeds in our Mini-Greenhouse. Later, the chili plants grow best in CHARLY CHILI, the chili pot with water tank and climbing system.


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