Mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse
Mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouse

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grow your own plants from seeds

optionally with seed mix for TOM TOMATO, CHARLY CHILI or SISSI STRAWBERRY (3 varieties each)

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Mini greenhouse: growing plants from seeds is child's play

Because you are independent of the weather outside, you can now start the gardening season indoors with our greenhouse. This means you start at exactly the right time to plant your SISSI STRAWBERRY, your CHARLY CHILI or TOM TOMATO with your own seedlings in warmer weather. The advantage of this is that you know exactly where your plants come from and under what conditions they grew.

Our mini greenhouse is designed to provide the seeds with an optimal climate for germination with its built-in ventilation system and the sliding opening in the lid. Simply choose your favorite varieties and sow them in the mini garden. The cultivation pots are the perfect size for growing chilies, strawberries and tomatoes. So you too can grow your own plants from seeds!

You can find out how this works and what tips we have for you in our instructions and in the video below.

PS: Of course, you can not only grow chilies, strawberries and tomatoes from seeds in the mini greenhouse, but also many other fruits, vegetables or herbs!

Mini greenhouse
package contents 1 indoor greenhouse, 15 growing pots, 1 liter of growing soil, 16 plug-in labels
size (L x W x H) 290x190x190mm
weight 0.3kg
earth volume 0.5L
required seeds 15
material PAH-free plastic, food-safe
packaging size 350x250x250mm