How do I set up CHARLY CHILI?

From mild to fiery - growing your own chilis at home is fun and easy with CHARLY CHILI. The set-up of our chili planter is as simple as growing. This is why we also came up with a sophisticated system for CHARLY CHILI. You get the pot in its individual parts, but the assembly is done in a few minutes.

Here you get to know everything about the quick set-up and the ongoing care of your chili plants. In a few simple steps you can also harvest your own organic chilis on your balcony, terrace or in the garden.

Time: 15 minutes

Costs: EUR 39.90

Things needed:

- 10L soil
- 2 chili plants


- there are no tools required for CHARLY CHILI set-up


Step 1:

Lead both irrigation wicks through the openings in the bottom of the planter.

Step 2:

Place the planter onto the water tank.

Step 3:

Put one aluminum tube onto the right and one onto the left short raised post in the bottom of the planter.

Step 4:

First insert one connector on each tube, followed by the first frame.

Step 5:

Place the other 2 tubes, 2 connectors and the second frame on top.




Schritt 1:
Fill CHARLY CHILI with approx. 10 liters of soil. We suggest to mix the soil with an organic long-term fertilizer (e.g. with our organic sheep‘s wool fertilizer).


Step 2:
Plant two chili seedlings next to the aluminum tubes.


Step 3:
Water your plants from above during the first two weeks. Also fill the water tank with approx. 4,5 liters of water.


Step 4:
As soon as the roots enter the water tank, water your plant via the water tank only. Fill up regularly.


Step 5:
Make sure that the shoots of the plants always grow inside the climbing frames.



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