How do I set up SAMMY SALAD?

You would like tp harvest fresh and crispy lettuces all year? Nothing is easier with SAMMY SALAD!

The set-up of our raised bed is as simple as growing. This is why we also came up with a sophisticated system for SAMMY SALAD. You get the raised bed compactly stowed in its individual parts, but the assembly is done in a few minutes.

Here you get to know everything about the quick set-up and the ongoing care of your lettuces. In a few simple steps you can already harvest your own organic lettuces, vegetables and herbs on your balcony, terrace or in the garden.

Time: 15 minutes Costs: EUR 89.90


- 40 L of soil - seeds or seedlings of your choice - organic fertilizer (optional)


- there are no tools required for SAMMY SALAD set-up


Step 1:

Place the foot attachments in the bottom side of the planter (foot attachment A in foot gap A and foot attachment B in foot gap B).

Step 2:

Then insert the wooden legs in the foot attachments and place one foot cap on each leg.

Step 3:

Place SAMMY SALAD on its legs and insert
the intermediate floors into the planter.

Step 4:

Put the filling funnel next to the filling opening onto the intermediate floors.

Step 5:

Lead the cord through the notches in
the planter. Pull it tight and tie 2 knots. SAMMY SALAD is now ready to plant.


Schritt 1:
Fill SAMMY SALAD with 40 liters of soil (mixed with organic long-term fertilizer). Also fill the water tank with 15 liters of water via the opening in the side panel. SASA_Anleitung_06 Step 2:
Sow the seeds or plant the seedlings into the soil. Water the seeds / seedlings a
little bit from above and close the cover in spring or fall when needed.. SASA_Anleitung_07